Candy I Bought in Japan and Korea…

Enough to last me a week.. maybe a week and a half.

Look at all this candy I bought on my trip….

Full List of Candy Pictured (Click to Expand)
KEY   Japanese   Korean

  • Asahi Calpis Chewy Candy
  • Asahi Calpis Tablets
  • Asahi Mitsuya Cider
  • Butamen Cup Noodle, not actually candy
  • Calbee Jabariko Salad
  • KitKat Matcha
  • KitKat Strawberry Cheesecake
  • LOOK Chocolate Double Mint Ice Cream
  • Lotte Yakult Toffee
  • Meiji Chocolate Almonds
  • Mentos Grape

  • Morinaga Hi-Chew Apple, Grape, and Sour Lemon
  • Morinaga Powder Ramune Candy
  • Morinaga Chocoball
  • Morinaga Hi-Soft
  • Nobel Super Candy
  • Nobel Manmaru Ramune
  • Orihiro Puru and Konnyaku Jelly Pouch
  • Peko Ramune Pop Candy
  • Puccho White Bear
  • Puccho Cola
  • Sumikko Gurashi Candy
  • Sweechu Apple

    So much good stuff.

    Hi-Chew and Puccho galore.

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