Colourful Scarf

Aside from the Noro Striped Scarf, there is only one other thing that i’ve knit for myself. I was scrolling through instagram suggestions one day when I came across these beautiful mittens made by an instagram user named yarn_cafe_creations. It was some of the most beautiful yarn that i’d ever seen so I knew I had to get some for myself. To my surprise, I found that the yarn was hand dyed by yarn_cafe_creations. Luckily, she owns an Etsy store of the same name where she sells this yarn and more.

The colour that I fell in love with is called “mermaid party” but there were many others that I had to resist the urge to buy. I was very pleased to find that this yarn is incredibly soft with no itchiness at all. I wanted to make mittens but I knew that I wouldn’t wear them so I decided to opt for a scarf and headband set. Once again, this is a case of the yarn doing all the work; I used the exact same pattern as the Noro scarf, which is a basic knit purl knit purl with slipped stitch edges, only modifying the number of stitches cast on. I can’t remember exactly how many stitches I used but I wanted this scarf to be fatter than my Noro one so I believe it was more than 39. Again, I did not do any blocking for this as I prefer the unblocked look and there were no issues with curling.

I can’t get over how pretty this yarn is. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it. I had a lot of trouble narrowing down which ones I wanted to upload so please forgive me for this image-heavy post. More photos here.

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