Out Of This World

If Dustin and I ever decide to do something, we tend to go all out on it. We both work at the same place and luckily our employer has the same idea when it comes to the annual holiday party; they go ALL OUT. The theme for the last one was “Out Of This World”. It was pretty open to interpretation but we went for a metallic, holographic look.

I bought this amazing cage dress in holographic silver from MONAMORaccessories on etsy. Dustin ordered a turquoise sequinned blazer from Amazon. When we were in Vegas, he found this perfect pair of holographic converse. They were kind of expensive, but they were so pretty and perfect for our look so he ended up buying them. I was dreading wearing heels so I actually ordered a pair online since they didn’t carry my size at that store but mine arrived two days after the party so I wasn’t able to wear them. I think it turned out to be for the best though because the heels looked way better and were actually super comfortable because I managed to break them in by then.

Also while in Vegas, we happened upon a shop selling these awesome hats. By the way they looked, we were both expecting them to be super expensive but were surprised to find that they were actually only around $30-$40 USD. We each picked one up and they ended up being perfect; I feel like they really pull our look together. Dustin also ordered an acrylic cane on Amazon. When it arrived, the bottom rubber piece was gray, which made it look a bit geriatric, so he spray painted it white, and stuck a blue light inside. It ended up looking super cool because the light radiated up the acrylic, lighting up the whole cane.

My friend, the super-talented Nina did my make-up and I am so happy with it. It was heavily inspired by this piece from one of my favourite artists, the late Qinni, and I think it turned out beautifully.

Our employer pulled out all the stops for this party. The food was amazing, and there were bunch of activities going on like laser tag, charicatures, alien beauty bar, and various interesting photobooths. Lots of people were dressed up and I saw a bunch of different space and sci-fi costumes. The decor was my favourite part, everything looked so awesome. It was very immersive, right from the moment that you enter. You forget that you’re actually in a hotel conference room!











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