Stationery and Art Supplies

New collection of pens and highlighters.

As if I didn’t buy enough at MUJI, I bought pens, markers, stamps, and stickers galore. Korea and Japan are both a crafter’s paradise and I found it so difficult to narrow down everything to what I wanted to buy. Here are a few highlights.

Above you can see another bundle of pens which includes Pilot Frixion erasable everything from highlighters to stamps. Between this and the mermaid yarn, I think it’s pretty obvious what my favourite colours are and i’m glad to see Japan had no shortage of these; everything in this bundle was purchased from Tokyu Hands Shibuya. I also picked up a couple Zebra Sarasa retractables to see what all the fuss is about. I plan to do a review and comparison in the future.

Artbox goodies.

Artbox in Korea was one of my favourite places to go because it was bursting with cute stuff but for a fraction of the price of our Artbox here in Canada. I bought some bear stickers for decorating my notes and planner.

More stickers.

And even more stickers.

I actually bought this particular one to stick onto my luggage and was disappointed to find that it didn’t even survive the short 2 hour plane ride from Seoul to Tokyo. It did, however, actually include two stickers rather than just the one I had thought when I bought it so I was pleasantly surprised.

Cute post-it notes.

More stickers interspersed with iron-on wappens which I intend to use on some cheap T-shirts I found in Tokyo.

Heheh, look at that passed-out chicken. Good stuff.

Plastic folders in pretty colours.

Sketchbook, Pilot shake pencil, and black cat fabric with gold details.

White cord hooks (all the stores in my area only carry these in black), another plastic pencil case, black cat stamps (perfect souvenir for a black cat loving crafter), and tiny brushes for nail art.

UV Resin in my favourite colours.

Pastel rainbow ribbon that fades whimsically from one colour to the next.

Eye and head pins.

Eiffel Tower sew-on patch.

Molds for resin casting.

Wing molds.

Tag mold.

Playing card mold.

Circular pendant mold.

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